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Reliable Enterprises

Mission Statement

Photo of young woman working in the greenhouse at Reliable EnterprisesReliable Enterprises' mission is to motivate and empower the growth of disabled and disadvantaged individuals by expanding opportunities for children, youth, and adults in Lewis County.  Visit the new website, at!

Vision Statement

To accomplish the mission statement:

  • Reliable Enterprises is a community service organization that benefits and educates the developmentally disadvantaged.
  • We educate and train people to assume their place in our community as worthy, useful, and productive citizens.
  • We provide a sense of self worth by enhancing quality of life and independence of the people we serve.
  • We project a caring and understanding attitude to all clients, children, and customers; we dedicate ourselves to giving excellent service and positive experiences to all.
  • We are builders of our community and make a difference through quality programs and positive leadership.
  • We develop new lines of business that enhance the quality of lives of our clients, customers, and community.
  • We facilitate integration between clients and members of the community.
  • We develop an identity for Reliable Enterprises as a community service program rather than promoting individual programs that comprise the agency.
  • Reliable Enterprises develops early learning programs that foster school readiness, and social, emotional and cognitive development of children. These programs prepare children to be successful in school and in life.


To fulfill Reliable Enterprises mission and vision we set down the following goals:

  • Create an individual plan to determine each person's maximum vocational and personal development.
  • Place each person in competitive employment or group employment with all necessary supports.
  • Use the Family Support Network to aid in the discovery, utilization, and coordination of community resources that would be of benefit to individuals in achieving their objectives.
  • Through the Head Start, Intot, and Early Learning Center day care, provide as many programs as is possible that will prepare children to learn and be successful as life long learners and self sufficient adults.
  • Investigate program and business opportunities and expansion using sound financial analysis, interviews with knowledgeable people in the field, statistical analysis, organizational fit, and broad board and employee support.


Considering itself a community service program rather than the one that promotes individual programs, Reliable Enterprises believes that everything starts with the individual. Each person's maximum potential in the areas of vocational and personal development is considered. Those trained are then placed in competitive employment or group-supported employment.

Today Reliable Enterprises offers the highly respected Family Support Network for information and guidance, the Infant Toddler Developmental Program (In-Tot), Lewis County Head Start, and Employment Services for adults. Additionally, Reliable contracted with the Social Security Administration to become a registered payee organization, and now works with individual Social Security recipients who need ongoing help managing their money.

Individual supported employment. Group supported employment. Recreation. A dental program. Family Support Network. Head Start. In-Tot. Reliable Enterprises welcomes the challenges involved in educating, encouraging, and caring for the developmentally and economically disadvantaged citizens of Lewis County.


Reliable Enterprises
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